Reasons to Race for Charity

Taking part in the Noosa Triathlon and fundraising has become a hugely popular way to raise money for charity and make your Noosa exerience even more rewarding. Raising money for charity can give purpose to taking part in the Noosa Triathlon and serve as a goal to work towards. Remember, when you race for charity you’re helping real people, fantastic causes and changing lives. Why not race for a cause that’s close to your heart? Maybe there’s a charity that’s helped you, or a loved one, through difficult times?

There are two ways that you can race and fundraise:

Platinum Entries

Platinum Entries are very limited special entries in the Noosa Triathlon allocated to a small number of carefully selected charities. If you sign up for one of these places for the 2016 event you'll need to raise a pre-agreed amount of money for the charity that you join up with. This will be set by the individual charities, but will be around $1500. These entries come with a host of benefits including:

  • Free Entry into the event *some charities may ask for a registration fee
  • PDF Training Guides
  • Access the Q&A Place – an online training resource
  • Fundraising medal
  • Access to the charity check-in queue
  • Access to a earlier charity start wave *individual entries only
  • Fundraising race bib
  • Invitation to your charities team tent in Charity Park
  • Online fundraising page
  • Expert fundraising support from your chosen charity

To find out more about how you can enter the 2016 Noosa Triathlon with a charity and which charities you can race for, view the listings below.

These are all fantastic causes, and by racing for them you'll be making a real difference to the lives of those who truly need it with your Noosa Triathlon journey. Browse through our charity listings to find your chosen charity and get in touch.

Looking for a charity place? Please click the 'I Need a Charity Place' button below to find charities who have limited spaces available. 


I need a charity place

General Entries

If you have secured a place in the 2016 Noosa Triathlon by purchasing your own entry and you’re interested in entering the race to raise money for charity, this section is for you.

You don’t need to raise massive amounts for your charity to feel the benefit, and and you’re guaranteed to meet loads of great new people along the way.

Looking to support a charity using your own entry? Please click the ‘I Have My Own Place' button below to find out about good causes who would appreciate your support.

I have my own place

If the charity you’d like to support isn’t listed don’t worry. Just complete your registration then head over to our Everydayhero page to select a charity close to your heart.